Hamish Rose Photography

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A Balti demonstrates panning for gold. Hushe, Pakistan.
Balti boys. Hushe, Pakistan.
Charles Kilner & Simon Mills watch TV in a truck stop, Chinese style. Sichuan.
Nomadic women brew tea. Zhopo pastures, Eastern Tibet.
A card game in Sichuan.
Chris Miller contemplates the climbing ahead, whilst crossing to Lundy.
Jacob on the beach. Cornwall, England.
A fruit stall on Granville Island, Vancouver.
Balti boys. Hushe, Pakistan.
A cobbler and his father. Chengdu, Sichuan.
Khampa teenager on the Zhopo pastures, Eastern Tibet.
Street vendor in Chengdu, Sichuan.
Kulusuk, East Greenland.
Feeding time (at the zoo?).
Mike Redmayne outside Hotel Hell. Dolomites, Italy.
Dovydas lights a camp fire.
Jacob & Imogen.
Jacob on his first multi pitch climb.